Keyte Bearings

Keyte Bearings: Keyte ball & socket bearings were first developed by WG Keyte & Sons Ltd in the 1950’s from their Billingshurst, West Sussex plant. Fox VPS Ltd, one of their largest customers took over the manufacture of Keyte Bearings in 2005. Ever since, Fox VPS Ltd have been manufacturing both standard and bespoke bearings for a wide range of customers.

Benefits: Benefits of keyte bearings include off center motion, ease of instalation and simplicity. They are ideal for slow motion applications where changing angles of force are being applied such as in many hydraulic systems.

Sizes: Typically we manufacture Keyte Bearings for rods from 12mmØ up to 90mmØ suitable for heavy loads. Standard housings are available as detailed in the products tables, although custom housings can be machined to any specification.